20 April 2013

Approaching the Finish Line -- Week Ending 20 Apr

This week, I've uploaded a few video clips for some of the games (if you've watched the entire demo reel from last week, you won't see anything new--this time they are just broken down by individual game). I'll still pipe in with any relevant updates or changes not visible in the videos, but it should be pretty brief. Enjoy!

Last March of the Dodos

Did you catch the solid white pill-shaped object that appeared and destroyed a few Dodos at the end of the video? Well, that's the shark. :) And even though the final art is not present in that clip, it is in the game now--in all of its tiger-striped glory.

Beyond that, we've steadily been adding more achievements, better UI and camera features, and more charm and fun to the presentation. I've kept busy with a design hand in all of those areas, along with working with Desura to ensure that we meet all of the requirements to publish with them.

A Videogame With/out Rules

The biggest news this week is that we're pushing our release date back from May until mid-June or so. That should give us enough time to construct the physical aspect of the game without rushing and leaving out important considerations. We continue adding final overlays to the build each week, and we've nearly finalized the software aspect of the game. I'll be constructing the wrap kit up until graduation, and then it seems that my involvement in the project will be concluded. It's been a great process, and I look forward to the final installation!


Just the video this week, since we've wrapped up work on this project. We're not sure if we'll continue building it in the future or not, but you'll certainly find the details here if we do.

The end is nigh! Let's get this stuff done!

- Troy

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